Questions To Ask An Attorney After Being Injured In A Car Accident

There are 6 Important Questions to Ask an car accident lawyer After Getting Injured in a motor vehicle accident,namely:

1. What amount of compensation can I expect?It makes sense that this is the first question asked by most accident victims. Treatment is expensive,rehabilitation,car repairs and missed work all add up. Your attorney will keep you grounded and advise you as to what amount would be realistic.

2. How will you represent me with the insurance company?Find out if he/she will handle all the negotiating and paperwork and do everything necessary so that the insurance company will take your claim seriously.

3. When should I take care of lawsuits and claims?Since the requirements for filing suits and claims vary from state to state,it’s a good idea to find out from your attorney how much time you have for these.

4. If I’m permanently disabled,will you help me to get social security benefits?If you are disabled because of another driver,you might be able to sue,which is something your auto accident compensation could help you with. While the courts are still busy with your case,you will need support of some kind and disability benefits will give you the support you need during this time.

5. Will you help me to recover the costs of future medical expenses?While you may get compensation for current medical problems,your injuries could lead to recurring problems for which you will need extra compensation. Find out from your attorney what the possibilities are for you getting compensation for future medical costs and what the procedure is for protecting your rights in your state.

6. What do you need me to do?This could be the most important question you put to your attorney. Make sure that you know exactly what he/she needs you to do. In other words,find out from your attorney as soon as possible,precisely what he/she requires from you,so that you can get the all the legal assistance you need to get the compensation you deserve after your accident.

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