In Indiana,the Future is Now

For many years,the state of Indiana has been a pioneer in finding ways to make government move at the speed of private industry rather than at the speed of molasses in January. One of the ways in which this has been accomplished is through the proactive adoption of technological solutions whenever and wherever possible.

This task has been achieved largely through the medium of paperwork reductions coupled with a movement away from tangible documents of any sort. By migrating all of its forms onto a digital platform,vast amounts of both time and money are saved. The rollout of that process has not been via a single overall effort but rather done through a series of incremental steps undertaken on a departmental level.

That changeover from paper to digital has finally been fully and firmly embraced by the Indiana Workman’s Compensation Board. Naturally,this changeover cannot be done in a day. There has to be some sort of transition period where both systems remain in use,yet the WCB has begun zeroing out the submission of various sorts of documents in any but a digital format.

The most recent one is in the field of settlements documents. As of September 8,2018,the board will no longer accept hard copies of any correspondence on this subject (for more info: workman's comp lawyer ). All submissions have to be done via digital processes and any outstanding paper documents already in the system are to be annulled and destroyed as of the date in question.

While this will undoubtedly cause some temporary inconvenience to customers of the Indiana Work Comp System who already have paperwork in the pipeline,the net result will be of obvious benefit to everyone as soon as the new system is fully implemented. Indiana has built a notable track record of proving that technology in the hands of the government can be of benefit to the people as a whole.

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