Common Medical Injuries: What the Patient Should Know

There are times when things happen that are completely beyond one’s control. But,what about those times when it is someone else who was responsible for the health,safety or well-being of another? This can be commonly seen in the healthcare field. Whether through negligence,malpractice or what have you,common medical injuries can occur as a result of someone else’s judgment or lack of,leading to errors that can cause serious damage.

What Defines Common

Injuries that may happen on a regular basis can vary by the healthcare institution but can include but are not limited to the wrong diagnosis and/or failure to provide correct treatment that results in damage to the patient. This damage can lead to worsening of a condition or in some more severe cases even death. Other injuries can include ailments caused by lack of monitoring such as falls.

Medical Injury and Environment

Contrary to popular belief,injuries sustained while being treated by a medical professional are not limited to long-term care facilities. These mistakes can happen in hospitals,urgent care clinics and even at the office of the family physician. Another important factor to note is that those of all ages and backgrounds can be affected.

Important Considerations

Some of the most common medical injuries are completely avoidable. Carelessness,not following appropriate protocol and other poor practices by the healthcare provider can be to blame. In these cases,the victim may be eligible for compensation as a direct result of the ailment or injury. This compensation can help cover future and current medical costs,pain and suffering and other losses which may have been caused as a direct or indirect result of the injury. As with most types of claims,there may be a statute of limitations or other restrictions on recovering such costs,so get a lawyer on your case immediately.

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